We become what we think we are

We become What we think We are 18 Feb 2018


What we Think is what we can be!!!

We all dream of a much happy life and hope to get it some time in future. However, it has a shortcoming of keeping our dreams as an object of future. So the question is-How can we prevent this? There is an old proverb “what we think,we become”.Our feelings have power to change anything and everything.Visualize that you have already achieved the things in the present, which you have always wished for.This feeling of accomplishment,has super power to manifest our hopes and dreams in present.

Today’s task is very simple : Sit for 10 minutes and experience the joy of having all the good things ,you have ever wished for.Visualize it and think how would you feel when it will come true. Observe the happiness sinking in.

I took out few moments myself for this task, in the morning.It was quite peaceful and relaxed as if there was no desire to fulfill. It was a blissful experience which made me feel much more energized and motivated.

Try it yourself and don’t forget to share your experiences.

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