Water a form of life 16 March 2018

Water – like the life slips off the fingers but holds the ships

Water is essential for life and is one of the main reasons behind existence of life on earth.Our body is 70% H20. That data should be sufficient to acknowledge its importance in our life. But do you know more than body, it affects our mind and emotions? Mind is compared with water-a fluid which is formless and can flow freely. In ancient civilizations and even today-people consider moon as the faculty of mind-as it affects the sea tides.

I am sure you have connected the dots by now and can see the connection between mind and H2O. Moreover,no one can deny its affect on our body.It flushes out the toxins from body in the form of sweat and urine and in turn prevents the risk of kidney stone.It also improves immune system, moisturizes skin and keeps it soft and glowing.It is one of the most effective natural remedy for headache.It is the vital element to keep our body and muscles hydrated and in turn flexible. And flexibility represents the youthfulness of a body.

So, today’s task is simple. Drink adequate amount of water during the day and a tall glass of water when you wake up tomorrow morning.Maintain this as a daily routine and stay healthy,young and energetic.Don’t forget to share your experience.

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