Walk and Think

A Walk for clear thinking-13 March 2018

All truly great thoughts are conceived while we walk!!

As a child we walk and run a lot. Our body is fit and flexible, but as we age we reduce walking and using our muscles and that’s the reason we start losing our agility with age. I found that when we start our day with some physical activity, we tend to be more awake and active during the day. This makes day more productive and happier for us. I daily take a walk for at least 10 minutes in park. It gives me some time to connect with nature and appreciate its beauty. Fresh air, beautiful flowers, sweet sounds of birds motivates me and set a positive mood for the day.

Today’s task is simple. Let’s start our day with 5-10 minute walk in nature. Go to nearby park or your society’s compound and take a stroll today. Enjoy the nature’s serenity and stay healthy. Do Share your experience.

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