Thank someone

Thank Someone-Happy Task 27 Feb 2018

“Thank you”- can fill entire day with optimism.

Thank you-are not just mere words.Feeling of gratitude move us in positive wavelength and prepare to receive more from the universe. Those who are already content and feel arrived are in right frequency to receive more. If a mother has two kids and one keeps nagging about whatever she gives her and other shows gratitude, she will feel happier to give  more to the kid who knows value of gratitude. Same is with any relation whether its company employee, friends, siblings or God versus Devotee. Its one of the law of the nature. We tend to get more of what we experience as already given whether good or bad. If we feel we have failed, we attracts more negativity and failure and vice versa.

Today’s task is to think of people and their respective action (however small) which can be appreciated. Now meet or call them and say-Thank You .

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