Flowers are adorable gift of nature

Flowers freshens the soul 12 March 2018

Flowers are divine Gifts Flowers are adorable gift of nature, an object of beauty which refreshes our senses of sight, smell and feel. I’m talking about the natural ones, not artificial or the fragrance-less hybrid flora family. Flowers cheer our spirit and mood. Isn’t it amazing that the object with life of a day or […]

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end your day-right way

3 Simple steps to End your day-right way – 01 March 2018

End your day-right way We often hear that “Beginning is the most important part of any work”. However, the Ending is equally important. Actually, it is the ending which paves the way for a new beginning. It’s like a cycle- an everlasting chain reaction. This philosophy is equally applicable to the way we finish our […]

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Appreciate yourself and the beauty around

Appreciate yourself-13 Feb 2018

Appreciate yourself and the beauty around and your life will become beautiful Hope you enjoyed talking to your friend. Today’s task is to write 5 good things about you on a sheet of paper or on your i-pad/ laptop and appreciate yourself. Say thanks to yourself for being such a great companion all these years.Finally, […]

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