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The Role Model – my boy needs

Why this Series ??

A cart needs two wheels to run smoothly

I grew up with fire and rebelliousness in me towards the society which always tried to fit me in the role of future homemaker, companion to husband and a child producer. I grew up with the desire to prove myself and my worth by being financially independent. This helped me to develop a single focus in my life and excel in the career. While being helpful, it somehow grew a kind of un-necessary competitiveness in me towards the other gender.

Though, I’ve been blessed with quite supportive father, brother, bosses, spouse and male friends, my suppressed resentment towards the other gender took a toll on my ability of being generous, kind and compassionate towards men for larger part of my life.

Few years ago, through introspection and questioning the adopted believes of society, I was able to change this mindset. I realized that the success can also be achieved with healthy competition.

I shared above points for two important reasons –

  1. Proving self-worth motivates women to accomplish what otherwise may be impossible.
  2. It makes them unfriendly and bitter towards the other gender for no mistakes on their part.

Fortunately, our society today, is moving towards women friendly workspaces and environment, but somewhere our boys are left behind neglected, with a resentment in their complementing gender.

Danger of skewed development??

Men and women are to co-exist, complement and support each other to make a happy future.

But, the question is –

If proving self worth is the motivator for our girls, what can motivate our boys? Who are the role models for our sons?

Future is quite different for both genders. Women are clear and confident about what they want or at least what they don’t want, but what about men?

Usually boys go through multiple conflicts owing to what they observe around them, such as the way men behave/d at their homes and in neighbourhood, the definition of hero in media, an evolved form of spouse with quite different expectations than of their mother and grandmothers, definition of being cool in their peer groups, sense of logic and fairness etc. These factors point in different directions and create chaos.

Believe me or not, future is going to be tougher for your boy than your girl. It has already unfolding in environment if you pay attention  Save the boy child campaign in India” and Bangalore colleges who called for high cutoff for girls during admission to maintain the gender ratio.

Possible Solution??

What could be the best solution to help this generation to cope up in today & tomorrow’s environment ?

 Giving them right set of Role Models to inspire.

In my endeavour to find role models, I spoke to hundreds of men and women and came across thousands of inspiring stories.

So, here is my bit. Hope this small effort help you and our boys.


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