We all are unique.And this uniqueness make us valueable

Repose in your Uniqueness-14 March 2018

We are all, each and everyone, unique in the universe. And that uniqueness makes us Valuable

Nature blessed each of us with the uniqueness. Though, we all belong to the same species, still each of us is different in terms of looks, behavior, feelings and thought process. When nature has made us so unique, then why do we often fall in trap of comparing ourselves with others?

In childhood, we used to compare things like toys, stationery and marks with our friends. As grownups, they are replaced by things like job, house, car and bank balance. This comparison mostly brings feeling of dissatisfaction/inferiority or the pride based on whether the compared group is superior or inferior to us. Very rarely it brings feelings like true happiness or joy. In reality both pride and inferiority complex separates us from others. It stops us from mingling with full heart. Why can’t we just renounce it?

Today’s task is simple – we will consciously take effort to not disrespect our uniqueness and compare us with anybody else, whether it’s the dress we are wearing today or the mobile we carry, our looks, hairstyle, job, money or anything else. We will repose in our uniqueness and feel happy about things we have … Let’s appreciate the face we daily see in the mirror. Let’s appreciate the voice given to us by nature. Let’s appreciate our hands and fingers ,our eyes our hair and each and every aspect of ourselves.

I am already feeling happy writing it. I’m sure you would also love this feeling. All the best.

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