Prioritize important and curb urgency

Prioritize Important and curb Urgency 16 Feb 2018

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important. “

I hope that you have been enjoying the posts and happy tasks. Today’s task is simple-Prioritize important and curb urgency.We need to take a pause before starting the activities of our day today. Make a list of tasks we are going to attempt today and bucket them in two categories – urgent and important. Attempt the tasks which appear in both urgent and important list as first thing. Try to resist the instinct to attempt tasks appear in urgent but not in important list. These are the tasks which take away our productive bandwidth and focus from most important things like spending time with spouse, calling your parents, completing a painting you started long back etc.Tasks which are urgent but not important or not urgent and not important should be strike off from our list. Suddenly we will find more time for self and for things which are important for us.

I’ve set my priorities right for today. Now it’s your turn. Have a Big Day.


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