Pickup a forgotten hobby

Pick up a forgotten hobby 22 Feb 2018

Monotony kills the child within, pursuing hobby and passion keeps the kid alive

We all have one or other interesting hobby at some time in life. Often running in and following the race of modern lifestyle, we forget the smaller actions and objects of our joy. Hobby makes us oblivious to the world and takes us effortlessly into the state of ‘Flow’ – as Psychologists name it. Flow is a highly focused yet effortless state where one becomes so absorbed into the work, he/she is driven by sheer joy of action. No other outcome – success or failure matters at that moment and that’s the peak state of our efficiency. It’s the pinnacle of ecstasy through actions.

Google can help you go through long list of players and artists who felt such moments and generously shared the description.

Our mundane daily chores driven by motives of survivals and livelihood, have little potential to take us to that state. Hence, one should pursue a hobby and strive to revive something one enjoys.

Today’s task is again simple. Let’s pick one activity we used to cherish probably in our childhood or sophomore years and spend half hour on it. I picked up playing with colours and thoroughly enjoyed it. I could feel the same level of concentration I had during my school years. Now it’s your turn to revive your lost passion.

Do Share your experiences.

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