Meditation relaxes mind and body

Meditation-live in a moment-live in a breath–26 Feb 2018

Meditation-Conquering self is better than winning a thousand battles

When body relaxes, conscious or mind expands and vice versa. Hence, few moments sitting still in silence calms both body and mind. This process called Meditation,which is an aware stage of de-concentration, opposite to the common belief of it being concentration. It’s a stage of de- concentration and de-stress followed by experience of deep relaxation,where struggle with thoughts halts. It is a process of disassociation, irrespective of the concept of good or bad. It’s about becoming witness distinct from the scene and action (of seeing). Detached from thoughts and being non-doer, one observe all thoughts as temporary and passing. When the struggle to chase or control thoughts stops, chain of thoughts stops.

Today’s task is simple. Try meditation for 10 minutes- sit straight (spine erect) and quiet comfortably with eyes closed  and observe your thoughts.Initially you will find that mind is dangling from one thought to another.Just let the thoughts come and go-don’t judge them as either good or bad.Try to observe your breath- rising and falling sensation.And just relax.Follow a guided meditation online, if needed.

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