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Make it a Productive Day 28 Feb 2018

You accomplish what you care about and set your most productive time for.


Let me give a key to be more productive. One can’t imagine the real potential of this minor yet quite powerful habit. If we start our day with the most important task in the morning, we tend to complete most of our tasks before the day ends, As the day progresses,we feel happier and accomplished. Now the question is Why – why does it make a difference to start your day with important tasks?

One easily understandable reason is the energy level, especially the mental energy which is at its peak in morning, while by end of the day, mind is already exhausted with the day’s activities and decisions it made. The focus on important tasks is already compromised.

As a college student or working professional, here are few instances of choosing utmost important tasks first. For example, if you are preparing for an exam, it’s study of the subject you usually find challenging is first in the morning. If you’re a writer, you can start with your new book ,or maybe with thinking of a new idea.

There are other psychological reasons as well which supports the above theory, but the technique is equally beneficial whether one understands the reason or not. As they say, A rose is a rose called by any other name.

So here is the task:

“Select whatever is your most important task or priority and attempt it first in the morning for next 3 days.

I had been facing challenge of getting productive time for meditation with my hectic schedule, for some days. In evenings, I used to be tired and my mind was unsettled. So, I took 10 minutes’ meditation as first activity of the day for few weeks and it garnered wonderful results.

Now it’s your turn to prioritize.Do share your experience.

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