Goodness is like water

Goodness is like Water 19 March 2018

Goodness is like water

I recently watched a TED video on comparison of goodness with water. Like water, it ultimately lies in being grounded, humble and seeking harmony. The speaker Tang got inspiration from an ancient Chinese poem, which goes as following:

 “The supreme goodness is like water.
It benefits all things without contention.

In dwelling, it stays grounded.
In being, it flows to depths.
In expression, it is honest.
In confrontation, it stays gentle.
In governance, it does not control.
In action, it aligns in timing.

It is content with its nature, and therefore cannot be faulted.”

I like last two lines most, which emphasis that the one who is aligned with its nature cannot be faulted. The ultimate purpose and happiness lies in being comfortable with self.

Today’s simple task is bit tough. Let’s put a check on us –  whenever our mind will play game and get us behave like someone/ something else, we will behave in our normal manner.

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