Father in Law – who gave wings to dreams

Behind every successful man, there is a woman

and behind every successful woman, there is a man.

That man or woman can be a father, mother, brother, sister, husband or wife. But, have you ever heard that a father in law could be a person behind the success of a women? Here is – we have a perfect role model for us.

Well! First story of our series is about a father in law (FIL), who gave wings to his daughter in law (DIL) – within 8 years, she took her consulting company from scratch to a big name in Mumbai.

The story of a beautiful daughter, a wonderful companion, a sweet mother, and yes a successful entrepreneur…this is the story of vision, ultimate openness, love, compassion, problem solving; and giving wings to the dreams.

I’ll share the identity of my real- life hero and heroines at the end of their stories.



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Bite 1: “Maa ka baap baitha hai ghar me”

Father of the mother is there in the house to take care of the infant.

He said this to my mother-in-law, when she expressed concern as I was about to leave my two months old infant at home for few hours.

That scene is still fresh in my memories like yesterday. I was recovering from the post-delivery hormonal and mood swing changes. I was losing myself and questioning my own identity. Was I only a wife, mother and daughter in law? I never spurred this out but I was going through a lot of inner turmoil.

Here, as if he, my father in law (FIL), had read my mind. I used to be surprised by his wisdom and ability to read more than words and find amazing solutions. He asked me to visit the office space, he has gifted me few months back, for few hours. Probably, he wanted to give me a window to be an individual for few moments.

He had always been my pillar of strength and support even during the turmoil of an unconventional love marriage. My story is more exciting than what you watched in “Sathiyaa” movie. Anyways, I’ll tell you about that adventurous episode some other time.

He had noticed that my son slept peacefully in afternoon for 2-3 hours. So, he asked me to go. Without understanding much of the larger purpose of his offer, I was reluctant to go. It didn’t stop him. He insisted me to go and resume my work. As I was about to leave, my mother in law raised brow and concern – “It’s not right to leave an infant without mother. A mother should stay close to an infant”. I was exhausted and didn’t wish to argue. But before I could give in, my FIL spoke firmly “Maa ka Baap baitha hai ghar me”.

He said these words with so much conviction that it shun all the concerns on the day and of the future.

I had tears in my eyes. He was more than a father to me. He was like a friend to me. It’s easy to approve the working daughter in law, it’s easy to ask her to follow her dreams but very rarely someone makes path, which this man did. He not only asked me to gradually start resuming work at the right time, when I needed that mental and emotional diversion most, he also took care of the environment. He pushed me and pushed the environment while I would have just given up.

He was my real hero. I have many more such examples of his strategic support, which I’d love to share in coming bites.

About the author

Smita Verma is a corporate executive and women leadership coach, who helps senior and middle level executives to prepare and transition into new or higher roles.

Smita believes in holistic growth of body, mind, emotions and soul as success mantra for executives. She is an alumina of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and University of Bocconi, Milan. She is a Yoga trainer and combines the ancient wisdom with her modern style of coaching to help her clients succeed while experiencing peace at every level. She has worked with finest organizations such as GE, Honeywell, Cipla, Abbott and Medtronic for more than decade now.

While coaching the management executive across levels, she came across various patterns of gender specific  – barriers to success and root causes. In her endeavor to find the simple and actionable practical solutions to internal and external barriers, her met hundreds of accomplished women and men leaders across the globe. Her articles or blogs are aimed to provide tested solution to deep-rooted issues in simplest manner. These articles are based on the discussions with real people and their journeys.




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