Books introduce us to unknown

Books introduce us to unknown-21 Feb 2018

Good books are the best friends Books are the window to a new world, new possibilities and give us insight of writer’s mind. The essence of his/her long contemplation can be found in his/her writings. Depth of his/her thoughts and creativity reflect in his/her work. It’s true for both fiction and non- fiction. Books give […]

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Turn impossible into possible

Make Impossible Possible-15 Feb 2018

“To achieve the impossible, mind needs to first believe the impossible as possible and non -achievable as achievable”   Our mind is designed to protect us from unknown and challenging. Hence it tries to resist what sounds challenging and uncertain to it. It stops us from taking risks and turning impossible into possible. To achieve […]

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clarity vision

Clarity brings leader’s vision to life-14 Feb 2018

“Winners know where they are going and how they will achieve the goal.” Clarity makes things beautiful and meaningful. Most of the days, we just do things out of habit without thinking of why we do it and what value it will create for us and for people around us. So,Today’s task is -Take 5- […]

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