Water a form of life 16 March 2018

Water – like the life slips off the fingers but holds the ships Water is essential for life and is one of the main reasons behind existence of life on earth.Our body is 70% H20. That data should be sufficient to acknowledge its importance in our life. But do you know more than body, it […]

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end your day-right way

3 Simple steps to End your day-right way – 01 March 2018

End your day-right way We often hear that “Beginning is the most important part of any work”. However, the Ending is equally important. Actually, it is the ending which paves the way for a new beginning. It’s like a cycle- an everlasting chain reaction. This philosophy is equally applicable to the way we finish our […]

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clarity vision

Clarity brings leader’s vision to life-14 Feb 2018

“Winners know where they are going and how they will achieve the goal.” Clarity makes things beautiful and meaningful. Most of the days, we just do things out of habit without thinking of why we do it and what value it will create for us and for people around us. So,Today’s task is -Take 5- […]

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