call a day off positively

Call a day off Positively-23 Feb 2018

Everyday need not be a good day but every day has something decent in it.

call a day off positively

By now, we know that life lies in days not in years. Thus, it becomes furthermore important that we call a day off positively. An Imperfect or worst day also has some positive happenings. All one needs to cherish are the happy moments before sinking into nature’s relaxing mechanism. The thought we take to the bed stays and springs up as first thought in the next morning and consequently the mood takes over next day as well. Thus, to create a better and lovely day next morning, ending previous day with positive thought is extremely important.

Today’s task is relatively easy. Before you go to bed, ensure recalling minimum one joyful happening of the day.

2 thoughts on “Call a day off Positively-23 Feb 2018

  1. Best article I’ve read in the last few months. it teaches gratitude and brings so much positivity. I’ve become ur regular reader.great reminders , great job!

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