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Add sunlight in your day-15 March 2018

Enjoy the Sunlight

Have you ever noticed that after days of continuous raining, when sun finally shows up, its rays give a cheering touch to our life? Sunny day generally uplifts our mood and makes us happy. Decreased exposure to sun reduce serotonin in our body which leads to seasonal affected disorder – a type of depression triggered by changing seasons. That’s why we feel low and gloomy on cold days. The bright sunlight changes our mood quickly for good.

Recently, when I was feeling low-spirited on a slow, bad day at office, I consciously went down and took a stroll under the sun. After few minutes of walk, my mood started elevating. But, uplifted mood is not the only reason to get more sunlight. Sun rays boost up the vitamin D in the skin and keeps bone healthy, improves immune system and guard against cancer if taken in moderate amount. That’s the power of golden rays that drives life on the planet.

Today’s task is to take a 5-minute walk under bright sunlight.I find it very cheerful. Add a little sunshine in your life and share your experiences.

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