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Big Day

All of us want to accomplish big things in life, but many a times we fail, because we fail to acknowledge those smaller things, which end up making a big difference.

If you look closely, you can see that we live in moments, not in years. And there’s only one day we have maximum control on -TODAY. Many wise people compared a day with a life.

They say-“ if you treat each day like a new chance, a new life; if you commit and able to make full out of each day, you can easily create a meaningful life, you have been waiting for.

Ten years back, working in my first company, I created a group named “Thought of the day”. I started to email a positive thought to my colleagues every morning. When I switched the job two years later, I got requests from my colleagues to keep sharing such thoughts from my personal Id. That was the first time, when I realized the power of a small but regular task and starting a day with positive thoughts. More importantly, I learnt the value of sharing and accomplishing tasks together.

Our repeated activities become habits and the habits become patterns. By introducing a tiny positive change in our daily life, we can surely make our day big and accomplish the even bigger goal of leading a happy and satisfied life.

And That’s the purpose of “Have a BIG Day” – to make our each day bigger and bigger together. I shall post a small task every day. You need to attempt it on same day and share your experience about it, before you call the day off. Even if you are not sure in the beginning, give it a try and experience a difference.

Next Steps…

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