end your day-right way

3 Simple steps to End your day-right way – 01 March 2018

End your day-right way

ending is way to new beginning

We often hear that “Beginning is the most important part of any work”. However, the Ending is equally important. Actually, it is the ending which paves the way for a new beginning. It’s like a cycle- an everlasting chain reaction. This philosophy is equally applicable to the way we finish our day, as it sets us with new outlook to start the next day.Now the question is how to end your day-right way? Here are the 3 Simple, but efficient steps to end your day-right way: Reflect, Acknowledge and Be grateful. It is similar to a time-specific meditation which helps one to focus on oneself at the end of a busy day.

So Today’s or rather Tonight’s task is very simple: Take out some time before bed. Start with few deep breathes and relax yourself. Now try to reflect upon the day’s activities. What went well and what didn’t? What can you possibly do to improve upon situations? Make a mental note to try that next time.

Secondly, acknowledge all the good things you did or happened to you today. For instance, it may be a problem or concern you resolved today or helped someone with it. Praise yourself and acknowledge the contentment. Let it sink in.

At last, be grateful for things you came in contact with today. Be thankful for all the love, care and support of your family, friends or colleagues, the food you had, the money you spent, places you visit, new people you met. Thanks for everything from health, happiness, safety to even the air that you breathe in and the fact that you are alive.

I have been doing this myself for quite some time and it makes me feel so relaxed and content and gives a chance to acknowledge those micro-moments, which I otherwise fail to notice. Moreover, it further motivates me to work for even better tomorrow.

So do try it. Enjoy every day of your life and share your experiences with me.

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